Worried About Earthquakes? Put These 3 Things Under Your Bed RIGHT NOW

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Worried About Earthquakes? Put These 3 Things Under Your Bed RIGHT NOW

Do you live in an earthquake prone area?  Here's something you can do RIGHT NOW to prepare for The Big One - it won't cost you anything and will only take 5 minutes.  Intrigued?  Read on...

If you live in an earthquake prone area, chances are you already have a home survival kit somewhere in your house.  But did you know it is also a good idea to keep a few additional items within reach in your bedroom?  Here are the three things you should put under your bed RIGHT NOW.

  1. Flashlight - If a big earthquake strikes, chances are your power will go out.  That is why it's always a good idea to keep an extra flashlight with a fresh set of batteries under your bed.  If you are like most people, you probably have several flashlights.  Grab one right now, replace the batteries, and stick it under your bed. 
  2. Pair of comfortable shoes - Do you have an old pair of shoes somewhere in your closet?  Good!  Grab them and put them under your bed.  In the event of a big earthquake, it's very likely there will be broken grass or debris on the floor.  Before rushing out of bed to assess the damage or take care of your loved ones, put some shoes on so that you may avoid serious injury.  While it may be tempting to jump into action right away, you won't be of much use to anyone if your feet are cut or injured.  Take the extra 5 to 10 seconds and be safe!
  3. Crowbar - it's always a good idea to keep a crowbar under your bed so that you may pry open the door or window of your bedroom in the event they become stuck due to structural damage.  Don't have a crow bar?  Look for a sturdy metal bar or stick.

That's it!  Keep these items in a box or large Ziploc bag so that you may access them easily in case of an emergency.  If you are in need of some products, check out our selection of survival kits and emergency preparedness supplies at our store

Are there any other items you'd include? Let us know what you think by writing a comment below.

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