School Survival Kits

Buying a school survival kit is one of most important investments you can make to help maintain a safe environment for students, faculty, and administrators. In the event a natural disaster or other emergency occurs during school hours, you need to be able to keep each and every person safe until help arrives. All of the school survival kits available at Smart Survival Kits have been designed by emergency preparedness experts to contain the most critical and reliable supplies you will need to keep everyone safe.  

Store-bought supplies have limited shelf lives and need to be replaced after 6-12 months. All of the supplies in our classroom survival kits, on the other hand, have been designed to last 5 years or more, even when stored under extreme conditions.

Assure the safety of all your students and staff: make sure there are plenty of survival kits and emergency preparedness supplies on hand in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency at your school.

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